🔧 ✔️ Serana : .NET PE parser library


Today I will present my current project Serana.

What is it ?

Serana is a .NET library that can parse windows executables

This library interpret all elements of the executable and represent them in a Object Programming way

So you can get any informations of a PE structure and modify each one of them (in the future)

These objects could be exported (raw file buffers) separately after modifying them or export the entire executable

git : https://github.com/whereisr0da/Serana-Lib

Why ?

I know, I know … there is a lot of library like this.

I like use pefile in python, but in .NET there is not that much about PE files, there is libs for .NET such as Mono, dnlib.

I made this to improve my PE knowledge.

How ?

You can read informations about the executable

// init the PE object
PE pe = new PE("app.exe");

// get info about architecture
Console.WriteLine("is32bit : " + pe.header.is32Bit);

// get info about image base

// get the offset of the raw image base in file
int imageBaseOffset = pe.header.optionalHeader.ImageBase.getOffset();

// get the value of image base
int imageBase = pe.header.optionalHeader.ImageBase.getValue();

Console.WriteLine("ImageBase at 0x" + imageBaseOffset.ToString("X") + " : 0x" 
    + imageBase.ToString("X"));

// print info about sections
Console.WriteLine("Sections : ");

// loop through all sections
foreach (SectionEntry section in pe.sections.sectionEntries)
    // get section name
    string name = section.name.ToString();
    // get section data offset
    int dataOffset = section.pointerToRawData.getValue();
    // get section data size
    int size = section.sizeOfRawData.getValue();
    // get raw data of section
    byte[] sectionBuffer = section.getSectionBuffer();

    Console.WriteLine(name + " at 0x" + dataOffset.ToString("X") 
      + " (size : 0x" + size.ToString("X") + ")");

// close handles

You can export parts of the executable

PE pe = new PE("app.exe");

// get the exported optional header raw buffer
byte[] optionalHeader = pe.header.optionalHeader.export().ToArray<byte>();

// doing something with it ...

// close handles

You can modify the executable

PE pe = new PE("app.exe");

// update the executable subsystem

// fix the stack size

// get some data
byte[] virtualizedCode = ...

// add a new section
pe.sections.addSection(".vlizer", virtualisedCode, SectionTypes.DATA_SECTION);

// write the output executable
File.WriteAllBytes("app_obfuscated.exe", pe.export().ToArray<byte>());

// close handles


Version 0.3

  • Resource parser implemented (modifications not available)
  • Section adding fixed for x86 (still buggy for x64)
  • Some functions added
  • Some bug fixed

Version 0.2

  • Export after parse x86 / x64 work
  • Implement modification 😃
  • Implement PE file creation from memory
  • Implement section adding (buggy)
  • Improved x64 support
  • Code cleaning
  • More comments / documentation
  • More improvements …

Version 0.1

  • Initial release


This library is IN BETA, so bugs can be found.


  • Handle imports, exports
  • Fix export problems for x64
  • Fix section adding for x64
  • Some other fix


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives