🔧 ✔️ BitcoinNotify : Simple Windows desktop notification app

A simple windows desktop notification app to keep you aware of Bitcoin evolution


  • Create a desktop notification each 15 minutes (default settings)
  • Show the current price of the Bitcoin
  • Show the difference with the last checked Bitcoin price (value, percent)
  • Show investment rentability regarding the current Bitcoin price (value, percent)


You can add an investment record to be informed about the rentability of your investment, by specifing your investments as follow in the investments.log file (Right click on tryicon > Investment History)

Here is the rows definition of one record :

amount of money you invested | bitcoin price at the time | equivalent in bitcoin of your investment

Here an example :

25,05 | 12516,07 | 0,00031046
500   | 46776,82 | 0,00004297

And each time the notification pops-up, the difference between the current Bitcoin value, and the one at the time of your investment (the rentability) is cumulated and shown in the notification (example: 525,05€ > 1089.49€)


All settings are in the config.ini file, you can acces it using the tryicon in your taskbar (Right click on tryicon > Settings)

  • currency : the currency that you want (default is EUR)
  • refreshInterval : the refresh time in miliseconds
  • visibleInterval : the notification visible time in miliseconds

Todo list

  • Startup launching
  • Installer
  • Settings in %AppData%
  • Screen selection
  • Screen location selection
  • Closing button
  • Color selection
  • Investment loading from CSV files
  • Better UI
  • Port it to .NetCore to support other OS

Change log

    • First release


This code is published on MIT License

This is tool uses :